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How we help

Offer Stage Consulting started out as a job seeker focused firm creating eye catching resumes and showing our clients how to rock their interviews.

As we grew, we noticed the need for business services and wanted to help hiring managers hire better and keep their awesome staff engaged. We also saw the need to help schools better prepare their students for the future.

Today, we are a full-service firm catering to these 3 audiences. Through proper assessment, education, coaching and empowerment, we’re helping to create harmony in the workplace.

Let us help you!

Job Seekers

Offer Stage specializes in helping experienced professionals, millennials and career changers market themselves as the in-demand professionals that they are. Get help with your professional presentation on and off paper.


Offer Stage partners with colleges and universities to give students and new grads the confidence to step out on their own. Together we show current and prospective students that your college or university is worth their investment by offering a professional advantage early on.


Management style, attitude, skill, and experience all play integral roles in employee engagement, retention, overall satisfaction and success. Offer Stage shows companies how to have and retain engaged productive employees.