Career Seeker Packages


Here you’ll find a list of available ready to go packages designed to meet the most common career seeker needs.

If you need something special, let us know! In addition to the popular packages you see below, we also offer a CYO (Create Your Own) Package where you’ll be able to design your own bundle and save 10%.

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“The Ideal Applicant”

*Our most popular package!*

This package comes with a CPRW certified professionally written resume and cover letter targeted to your industry and job choice. Both are expertly crafted to market you as the in-demand professional you are.

We’ll also take a look at your LinkedIn profile.

Why would we do that? Because employers are looking you up online and you need to cover all your bases!

Don’t leave anything to chance. Order this package to ensure that your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile all work together to present you as “The Ideal Applicant.”



48-Hour Interview Prep

Think of this as a cram session for interviewing. Here we’ll jump right into mock interview questions and image consulting. You’ll get quick tips on how to improve body language and present your best professional self. You have 2-days (or less) to get ready for your interview and no time to waste!

Make sure you have your resume handy because we’re going to address that too! You’ll get a resume review and tips on how to update it right away. You’ll receive suggested follow up questions for your interviewer and ‘Thank You’ note ideas designed to help you stand out for all the right reasons.

By the time we’re done, you’ll be a lean, mean interviewing machine!



“I HATE My Job!”

Sounds harsh but many people feel this way. Why not have a package designed for those of you who (for one reason or another) hate your job?

Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s your boss or colleagues. Maybe it’s the company itself. Whatever it is, this package helps us get to the bottom of it and if need be, help you make the right moves in the right way.

We’ll begin with your expert consultation and a DiSC Profile Assessment. This will help you to better understand yourself and begin to make some very important changes. In addition to the DiSC Profile Assessment, you’ll get a revamped LinkedIn Profile showing you off in all the right ways, certified professionally written resume, cover letter and targeted job search strategy.

Ready to deal with your job-related challenges head on? Ready to make some big changes? Then this is the package for you!



Contact us today for a additional details and cost information. We look forward to working with you.