Additional Services

Having the ideal cover letter can be the just the thing you need to get that interview you’ve been after. The right thank you letter can help seal the deal after a great interview. Having the right bio in presentations or on social media can help catapult you into new realms of success.

Offer Stage Consulting works with you to construct the ideal letters and bios creating a full package that presents you in the best light!

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LinkedIn Profiles                                           

You’ll receive a complete overhaul of your LinkedIn profile including an eye catching tagline, summary and more.

 Cover Letters                                                

You’ll receive a Cover Letter that serves as a fantastic introduction to your resume and you as a candidate.

 Thank You Letters                                        

An Offer Stage Thank You Letter is a great way to wrap up after an interview and works great in email form or handwritten on a card.

 Public Speaking Bios                                    

This is the perfect option for all public speakers and social media savvy career seekers. Whether you need a professionally written bio that’s going to be printed read aloud, or utilized as a key part of an online profile (i.e. LinkedIn) this option will prove to be just what you’ve been looking for.


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