Interview Coaching

To say that the interview stage of the hiring process is critical, is an understatement. Once your resume gets your foot in the door, your performance in your interviews will carry you the rest of the way. Being able to establish a connection with your interviewer from the initial phone call or email and keep that going throughout the process takes serious skill. Being able to identify the interviewer’s style of interviewing and adjust yourself accordingly is key and providing the right answers without sounding overly rehearsed takes real practice.

Even with the best resume, some of the most seasoned professionals still fall short at this step. Working with Offer Stage, you’ll undergo mock interviews to help you master behavioral based interviewing and learn proven methods that will usher you to the offer stage.


Individual Interview Coaching

Individual interview coaching starts off with a mock interview and includes detailed feedback, guidance, strategies and follow-up tips.

This type of practice makes you more confident and genuinely prepares you for any interview.

This option includes the following:

  • A mock interview where we will assess your responses to common interview questions and those tailored to your chosen field, non-verbal communication (i.e. body language, interview etiquette)
  • Image consulting to help you look the part
  • Follow-up techniques
  • Salary negotiation guidance
  • Expert research tips designed to help you learn more about the company and people you’re interviewing with
  • Tips to help you connect with your interviewer and impress your interviewer