“After years of working with one company and excelling year after year, my success came to a sudden pause 3 months ago! I knew for sure it would be a quick two week break, and everything would be just fine. After 3 weeks went by I decided to give up my pride and seek for professional help with my resume! When I called offer stage consulting, my career coach was able to provide phenomenal help to not only make my resume look outstanding, but also gave me excellent motivation to take any and every interview I went into by storm. Mrs. Shand did her job so well, that I was able to get calls nationwide and the prospective jobs told me that based on my resume I might be too over qualified for the positions that they had available! Last Friday May 12, 2017 I went on a in person interview, where the hiring manager wrote all over my resume and questioned every line of excellence and complimented how well it was constructed more than once! After completing the interview the manager told me to wait until the following Friday to see if I would move forward in the process, however by the next business day early in the day I was called with an excellent job offer with a higher starting salary than I’ve seen before from any employer! I’m grateful for the work Pam is doing in the community! Anyways to make a long story short…. the Lyttle family loves you and you’ll have some referrals coming your way soon!”

-A. Ricketts-Lyttle, Personal Banker and Manager


“I’m so very grateful to Pam for her help! We were on the phone for over 2 hours. She assisted me with perfecting my resume and we did mock interview questions. She is such an angel – just a blessing to me. She is so good at what she does.”

-D. Brown, Transit Administrator & Manager


“Pamela was amazing! She pulled things out of me that I didn’t know were there. I will definitely be recommending her to others.”

-F. Petgrave, Customer Service Specialist


“Offer Stage, you are awesome! The interview guru!”

-N. Williams, Personal Banking Associate


“Offer Stage has always been helpful and when I went to them for help updating my resume they didn’t hesitate! Not only did they do the resume for me, I also got jobs at two Fortune 500 companies. They are one of the greatest. I would recommend them to anyone.”

-A. Peynado, Administrative Professional and Entrepreneur


“Offer Stage Consulting has changed my life! They provide the most efficient service according to ones needs. The improvement in my resume helped me expand my options in the job market. Now I am working in my dream job where I put into practice all of the knowledge I gained from previous job experiences.

Thank you Offer Stage for your outstanding and unique attention.”

-S. Jones, Maritime Business Developer


“Offer Stage Consulting turned my No’s into Yes’s! Before using Offer Stage’s help I applied to different hospitals and medical facilities and never got a reply. I turned to Offer Stage to help me reconstruct my resume within in 2 weeks of sending in my resume I got a call from a hospital. Offer Stage is not only reliable, but resourceful.”

-D. Fisher, Retail Manager


“I’m in love! My resume was concise yet informative!! Thumbs up!”

-A. McDonald, Talent Acquisition/Business Development Manager & CEO


“I am very impressed with the work of Offer Stage Consulting. My resume, before I used Offer Stage, didn’t get many looks online, and I was even told that it needed to be spruced up a bit. After using Offer Stage my resume received many hits and opened up several opportunities for me.”

-D. Lamont, Customer Service Specialist


“My resume was wonderful! Very easy to read and locate things, very concise and to the point! Just right! At first glance it’s very easy on the eyes, very well organized!”

-P. Anthony, Engineer